Observations of the Author (using Christian Boltanski’s, ‘What they Remember’ as a model)


  • On the back of the Artemis pendant she wears around her neck, the words “Courage” are engraved.
  • The middle finger of her right hand is slightly crooked. She broke it as a child. Riding her bike she scrapped her hand against a wall. She flicked her hand clicking it back into shape. Too scared to tell her mother of the accident, she hid her hand & swollen finger from her for weeks.
  • She loves the smell of cigar smoke. It reminds her of her father.
  • 11 September 1999.
  • She nearly kissed a girl on a summer’s night in tall grass. The girl wore a red dress.
  • Whenever she is in Athens she visits the Acropolis. She often thinks about how many people have walked the same footsteps she is now over the ages.
  • She has eliminated black from her wardrobe preferring earthy colours; greens, browns and blues.
  • She has an alter ego named Roxy Manet. Roxy wears black.
  • She is very selective about the people she spends time with.
  • She loves the quiet of the mornings, often reading and listening to classical music.
  • She is an artist, mostly working in photomedia.
  • Her childhood was happy.
  • On special occasion’s her mother & siblings would have dinner at her father’s restaurant. She often ordered fresh strawberries & cream for dessert. Her father always wore a suit and tie.
  • She devours books.
  • She has very eclectic taste in music.. from Preisner to Radiohead.
  • She laughs when her friend J says, he’s “gagging” to see her.
  • She carries a lot of things in her bag.
  • She used to wear a ring on her ring finger which was given to her on Xmas Eve 2004. She no longer wears the ring. Sometimes she feels her ringless finger, for a few seconds her heart sinks.
  • One night she especially delighted in seeing her beloved dog’s sausage silhouette in the lightly dimmed kitchen.
  • She wears her hair short.
  • She loved riding her bike as a child.
  • 6 August 2012.
  • She loves the colder months of the year and contemplates her mother’s maiden name which translates as “without winter” from Greek.
  • Once she lay on the grassy hillside full of wild flowers at the stadium in Ancient Olympia. It was a warm day in Spring. She remembers smoking a cigarette and looking at the patterns the clouds made in the sky.
  • 22 August 2010.
  • She had a Burmese cat named Kitty Scout. He was named after a character in one of her favourite books, “To Kill a Mockingbird”.
  • She is very sentimental, often keeping what may be insignificant to most.
  • Once a girl gave her honeysuckle to taste. With that gesture, the drop of sweetness in her mouth, her heart swelled and came undone.
  • She enjoys moments of solitude.
  • Her memory is a little scattered at times which she often blames on a period in her life when she smoked a lot of pot.
  • She collects decorative boxes.
  • As a child she loved playing the piano and often memorised long pieces because she couldn’t read music very well.
  • She often photographs clouds like Alfred Stieglitz did.
  • She wants to hike to St George, a church at the top of the mountains in Nestani, Greece… and she finally did on 2 May 2016.
  • Most of her photographs are drawn from memories, perhaps they are too overwhelming to keep inside, she needs to archive the emotion by making a photograph of it.. those impossible bodily experiences, to “materialise memory” as Zelizer eloquently puts it.
  • She has a scar on her right knee from a moped accident in Santorini. After the fall, her first words were, “Is my camera OK?”
  • She can recite Lord Byron’s, “She Walks in Beauty”.

2 thoughts on “Observations of the Author (using Christian Boltanski’s, ‘What they Remember’ as a model)

  1. Sandra this is so amazing and the images so inspiring. Superb and uplifting photography. Thanks.

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